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About Us

For over 75 years Taylor Bloxham Group has pioneered leading-edge production solutions in order to offer its clients high quality work, excellent value for money and exceptional customer service. I believe the time is now right to extend that approach and our offering to the Membership sector. We aim to bring a fresh rationale to the sector; to understand your objectives, align with your strategies and contribute to your campaigns through our expertise, experience and engagement.

Our dedicated memberhsip team provides our customers with best-in-class service provision across a range of production solutions - delivering better value through strategic partnership and expert advice.

Based on an entirely consultative approach we aim to build mutually beneficial relationships that deliver accordingly and which are fit for purpose - sustainable relationships based upon experience, knowledge and trust.

We speak your language and deliver a truly consultative and impartial customer service. We genuinely believe we can provide added value to the sector in relation to the delivery of strategic production solutions.

What others say about us

a wealth of experience in project management and an in-depth understanding of how to realise a vision, investing time in client and account management and always delivering on long term projects "

excellent knowledge of trends in the education and membership sectors and always willing to go the extra mile. Results focussed, confidently guiding our organisation in achieving the best outcome "

a thorough understanding of the commercial imperatives in a sector where budgets need to work hard…adept at influencing decisions at the highest level "

professionalism, gravitas and the necessary understanding and experience to greatly assist any sector organisation "

dynamic, energetic and charismatic business leaders; driven, passionate and very successful in business development in both the education and membership sectors, supporting marketers and other stakeholders in the delivery of communications across a range of channels and always ensuring the best possible service "


integrity and trust

Central to our foundation is an ethos of being honest, fair and transparent with our clients. This means understanding your requirements fully, double-checking whenever doubt may arise and seeing work through to completion and beyond. We know that any solid business relationship has to have trust at its heart and that is why we cherish and preserve our own integrity so vehemently.

conventional thinking

We purposefully employ people who are prepared to challenge the status quo, who will ask questions that may not have been asked before but that produce enlightening insight into our clients’ worlds. We possess a confidence that drives us to challenge the convention without it becoming the arrogance of always knowing best.

sustainable relationships

We constantly and consistently strive to build on one project as the foundation for the next. We share any lessons learned, advise on improvements that could be made and search for areas where further efficiencies could be gained. We strive to be seen as partners rather than suppliers and, in the same vein, apply this philosophy to those who in turn supply us.

best practice

We have pioneered a number of innovations over the years and continue to actively pursue this philosophy. One client’s ‘challenge’ can spur us on to devise a solution for both them and future clients. We always listen to our clients to understand not just what they want but also why. It is this depth of understanding that places us as partners rather than simply suppliers.

sector knowledge

We have drawn together a strong team with years of experience working both with and within the education sector. We constantly strive to develop our knowledge, not only of where the sector currently stands but also where it is heading. We believe that our approach and ethos offer a fresh aspect on what can be done across a vast range of marketing activities aimed at your key target audiences and stakeholders.

a consultative approach

We work with you to understand your vision, objectives and key challenges. We add value by acting as an extension to your own in-house teams, available at every stage of a project to provide advice and consultation. We won’t try and shoehorn a solution just because it fits our skill set or equipment set-up. Our recommendations will be fit for purpose and appropriate for your specific needs.

Sector Landscape

The world of membership is changing as members become ever more demanding and with disruption to its traditional model coming from all corners. Our understanding of these challenges, based on conversations with senior stakeholders and referencing sector-specific reports, is outlined below.

The Group

Greater than the sum of our parts…

We have assembled a dedicated sector team with extensive experience of work with the membership sector. They are able to call on the services of any one or more of the four divisions within the Taylor Bloxham Group to respond to, meet and satisfy a wide variety of client requirements. The best-in-class provision of each division ensures that the solutions that we devise benefit from our in-depth expertise, our wide-ranging capabilities and our inherent synergy.

Scale, heritage and outstanding production and fulfilment solutions.

over 75 years pioneering

sq ft over 4 standalone sites

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High-definition litho and digital print

Taylor Bloxham has led the field of high-quality print for many years. We’ve pioneered printing techniques and innovations from working with discerning clients for whom the quality of their print is paramount. We pride ourselves on our craft and the impact that it creates in our finished work and our clients’ campaigns, whether it be litho or digital print.

Taylor Bloxham

  • the colour accuracy and detail Taylor Bloxham has achieved is incredible


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Storage, fulfilment and bulk distribution

Storage, retrieval and distribution of collateral and materials has become a far more efficient and reliable service over recent years as technology has improved speed and accuracy of this type of service. However, Fastant provides a greatly enhanced service by use of bespoke dashboard reporting, compiled according to clients specifications and creating a whole extra level of analysis and insight into the effectiveness of client campaigns.


  • over a period of seven years, Fastant has delivered savings in excess of £1 million in relation to the storage and fulfillment of our marketing print and dealer support


< >

Brand experiences, engagement & customer journeys

Instore are designers, manufacturers and installers of large/wide format print and point-of-sale work. As the name implies a lot of this work is undertaken for modern retail environments where the display of goods is often the culmination of a high-profile campaign, with the presentation needing to fit seamlessly. However, that doesn’t mean we’re in any way restricted to those clients; indeed, we believe our experience and expertise in this area feed directly into many other areas, including Higher Education as universities look to enhance the on-campus experience all-year-round.



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Intelligent, data-driven communications

Mailbox is the most recent addition to the Taylor Bloxham Group, although we’ve been undertaking some of its work within Fastant for a number of years.


  • deep knowledge of the sector… relating to smarter, more efficient ways of working… resulting in thousands of pounds worth of savings


Hot Topics

Member magazines

Hot Topic: Member magazines

Dressed to impress

Hot Topic: Dressed to impress

High definition printing

Hot Topic: High definition printing

Storage and distribution

Hot Topic: Storage and distribution

Overview brochure

Hot Topic: Overview brochure

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As the need to prove that you are “spending members’ money wisely” continues to be a real focus, you need to ensure that your membership communications deliver genuine value for money. Arguably your biggest single expenditure item is your membership magazine or journal so this is where you have the best opportunity to make some savings.

Member magazines


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Not so long ago, the concept of ‘students as customers’ was met with some derision or even horror by many in Higher Education and the idea is still alien to some, but at its most stark the point is that many young people are now being asked to make a lengthy commitment to a hefty investment and a long-term debt position on the back of numerous promises and a multitude of opportunities but with no guarantees.

Dressed to impress


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We are now living in a high definition world. Our TV, phone and tablet screens present us with sharper images with every evolution while colours and contrasts seem to become more and more life-like every day.

However, to the vast majority of readers print has remained relatively static. Indeed, on the whole, we have come to accept that after around 650 years of printing, it has come about as far as it can and it all looks pretty much the same….doesn’t it?

High definition printing


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In today’s increasingly heated marketplace, universities are constantly seeking that advantage that will provide them with an edge over their competitors; that difference that may well be the key reason why a student chooses to study with them. What’s more, those students are becoming far more discerning in their choices and critical in their comparisons as the prospect of the investment they are making becomes more real.

Storage and distribution


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Higher Education is rarely far from the news these days whether it be in the context of high-level discussions as to the value of universities and their contribution to the nation, as a political football in debates over fees and debt or the standing of British universities in the light of Brexit and increasing global competition, to name but a few.

Overview brochure


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memcom 2018

memcom 2018

3 May 2018

We are delighted to be one of the headline sponsors at this year’s memcom conference, along with our partners, Triad. We might see you there; County Hall, London, May 16th.

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memcom 2018

memcom 2018

3 May 2018

We are delighted to be one of the headline sponsors at this year’s memcom conference, along with our partners, Triad. We might see you there; County Hall, London, May 16th.

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